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уведомление: китайский Новый год 2017 праздник с 27-го. Jan по 3. февраль

китайский Новый год 2017 праздник с 27-го. Jan по 3. февраль

Chinese near year will come, and there is a holiday from 27th. Jan по 3. февраль. And We will be back office on 4th. февраль. If you have some questions, you can send email to nova002@nova-chem.cn, or leave massage to whatsapp +86 15671261165. Will reply you as soon as fast.

Here are the greeting from Novachem steroids to whole staffs:

God of Happiness and Good Luck
The Fu star is generally depicted in scholar’s dress, holding a scroll. Fu Xing is a star that the ancient Chinese thought was in charge of agriculture in China. Cегодня, Fu Xing is generally shown as a court official with a characteristicallywingedhat, and often with a scepter in his hand.


God of prosperity
The Lu star is usually depicted in the dress of a mandarin. The Lu star is believed to be Zhang Xian who lived during the Later Shu dynasty. The wordluspecifically refers to the salary of a government official. As such, the Lu star is the star of prosperity, rank, and influence.


God of Longevity
Shou Star is usually seen holding the Peach of Immortality, and carrying a peach wood staff. This character Shou represents ‘long life’. According to Chinese folklore, Longevity is described as wise, knowledgeable and capable of ruling the world. During festivals, a Chinese family normally worships the symbols or pictures of Longevity to express gratitude for granting the elders in the family a long life. This Shou statue will bring you a ‘long and fruitful life’.

Novachem wish everyone:

Happiness, Prosperity, Longevity

Wish you luck in the Year of the Rooster / Cock / Chicken

Good health, good luck and much happiness throughout the year.

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