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Eating My Largest Meal Right Before Bed?

Now common sense says that if you’re eating at a deficit, you will lose weight. I know that digestion slows down when you’re sleeping and you aren’t burning anything but BMR calories. Is it possible to store more fat doing this? Do you think having my largest meal right before bed would hinder fat loss in any way?

My guess is probably not…

Actually I think it does in fact affect my sleep. I kind of notice an energy boost (from eating) when its time to lay down. I didn’t know insulin antagonizes growth hormone. That’s interesting.

Edit: Oh wait that’s why guys who are running growth hormone often wait a while to eat their post workout meal im guessing.

There’s really no reason that I would have to eat right before bed (no time constraints or anything) I just tend to like to. I think I’m going to push it back a couple hours.

I’m still wondering if it affects fat loss in any other way besides getting a lower growth hormone spike.


Yes. Growth Hormone aids in fat loss. Insulin aids in growth.
If you’re spiking insulin and decreasing you natural growth hormone release you’re slowing your fat loss.
Of course you’re still going to drop fat on low calories, but is that what you want. Just to drop fat slowly. Or do you want to drop fat, save muscle, and stay healthier. Or just starve and gorge.


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