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Benachrichtigung: Chinesisches Neujahr 2017 Urlaub vom 27.. Jan bis 3.. Februar

Chinesisches Neujahr 2017 Urlaub vom 27.. Jan bis 3.. Februar

Chinese in der Nähe von Jahr kommen, und es ist ein Feiertag von 27. Jan bis 3.. Februar. Und Wir werden Back-Office am 4. sein. Februar. Wenn Sie Fragen haben, Sie können E-Mail an nova002@nova-chem.cn, oder lassen Sie Massage WhatsApp +86 15671261165. Werden Sie so bald wie schnell antworten.

Here are the greeting from Novachem steroids to whole staffs:

God of Happiness and Good Luck
The Fu star is generally depicted in scholar’s dress, holding a scroll. Fu Xing is a star that the ancient Chinese thought was in charge of agriculture in China. Heute, Fu Xing is generally shown as a court official with a characteristicallywingedhat, and often with a scepter in his hand.


God of prosperity
The Lu star is usually depicted in the dress of a mandarin. The Lu star is believed to be Zhang Xian who lived during the Later Shu dynasty. The wordluspecifically refers to the salary of a government official. As such, the Lu star is the star of prosperity, rank, and influence.


God of Longevity
Shou Star is usually seen holding the Peach of Immortality, and carrying a peach wood staff. This character Shou represents ‘long life’. According to Chinese folklore, Longevity is described as wise, knowledgeable and capable of ruling the world. During festivals, a Chinese family normally worships the symbols or pictures of Longevity to express gratitude for granting the elders in the family a long life. This Shou statue will bring you a ‘long and fruitful life’.

Novachem wish everyone:

Happiness, Prosperity, Longevity

Wish you luck in the Year of the Rooster / Cock / Chicken

Good health, good luck and much happiness throughout the year.



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